Multi-Channel Eco-Feedback System for Electric Cars

In this Bachelor Thesis the Communication & Multimedia Design student Kristin Terhaar developed a concept for an eco-feedback system for electric cars of carsharing fleets. The eco-feedback system is supposed to make the drivers familiar with e-mobility and to encourage them to drive in a more environmentally friendly way. The thesis was written with reference to the project "ec2go" which deals with new mobility concepts for electric cars in the field of carsharing.

The eco-feedback system consists of three parts: the driving assistant (car-PC) in the car, an iPhone Application and a website. As the vehicle data aroused by a distinct driving behaviour can be read and interpreted, the student developed special visualisations for the driving behaviour. Via the car-PC the driver receives a direct feedback for his current driving behaviour, for example an indication of the current energy consumption. With the smartphone app and the website, the recorded values can be monitored and compared with friends`data due to a special rewarding system. The rewarding system appeals the driver to a more environmentally friendly driving style.