Innovation- & Creativity Management

Innovation drives economic growth. Companies create new products, new services, new markets. Being innovative is a must in today‘s economy. Since being innovative is a given, it‘s the „how“ that puts a company in front of their competitors. The process from idea over development to actual commercialization is complex, making a successful abstraction quite difficult. The results of this abstraction are process models that are often either too detailed to be generally applicable or too general to provide a company with an actual action plan.

There is a need to approach innovation with a process model that potentially covers the innovation process in every detail, but still allows adjustment and changes without losing focus on the overall goal throughout the process.

In late 2015, the m²c-lab introduced the “User Centered Innovation Process“ (UCIP) – a workshop concept to support a company‘s innovation and creativity management.

The process combines interdisciplinary methodological elements from research in Usability Engineering, Design Thinking, Innovation Management and Creativity Management. The workshops take a few days in which the participants will learn to apply methods to generate and evaluate ideas, understand the user and the context of use and to make solutions tangible by creating prototypes.

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