Interaction Design & Usability Engineering

The interaction design is developed based on the analysis in the first step of the workflow. During the process of interaction design, each application is improved in terms of a user-friendly structure and design. Already in the early stage of development, we perform interaction tests with test subjects using software prototypes.

Our usability tests and the following improvements are performed in several iterations. They take place in the environment of their future context of use, be it a garage or an office. The test persons are observed during their interaction with the system, for example with the help of an eye tracker that tracks their eye movements. In addition, the software "Morae" documents the usability analysis with text, images and sound. With our tools, we analyze multiple performance features, such as the amount of time or the number of clicks a proband needs for a specific task. The test results are then used to improve the usability of your software system.

To transfer our usability know-how we offer different workshops:

  • Workshop "Usability Engineering"
  • Workshop "Prototyping for Interactive Systems"