Blended Commerce Trainings

The turnover gains in online trade increase from year to year. Traditional retailers consider this trend as a threat. Many retailers tamper with consumers who use the internet to get information about a product and merely come to the store to try and touch the products. Consumers developed new needs because of new technologies, which make the buying department more comfortable or eventful. Retailers consider the term digitization rather as a hazard than a chance; trade communities defend themselves against E-Commerce. But through the absent acceptance of customer needs and in search of answers, retailers risk to leave positive effects of the change of trade to others.

The m²c-lab has researched in the area of „future commerce“ and determined together with retailers what the retail misses. With a qualification concept retailers are supposed to  sensitize for linked trade (Blended Commerce) and to  support to develop new concepts for their company.

„Blended Commerce“ means the combination of traditional sales and E-Commerce and is an approach to encounter the requirements to flexible selling support of the customers.

We provide a training especially for sellers in retail. Because of the knowledge about how to give the customers an appropriate consulting and a holistic experience at all distribution channels, the customer loyalty will be strengthened with the aim to avoid a drift of turnovers to E-Commerce-competitors.

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