SmartWatches – More Than a Display for Time

SmartWatches are wrist watches used as smartphone accessory. They are equipped with a touchscreen, motion sensors and other information and communication technology.

A coupling via Bluetooth with a smartphone offers the possibility to be informed by a vibration of the SmartWatch in case of appointments, incoming calls and text messages (e.g. SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp). Interactions with the watch like accepting calls or displaying text messages on the device´s display are possible. Despite mere touch interactions, the integrated motion sensors can be used for innovative usage concepts, e.g. the rejection of an incoming call by shaking the wrist or activation of the backlight by turing the wrist towards ones face.

Currently, SmartWatches still have the image of a toy. As a expert for innovative usage concept, the m²c-lab sees huge potential for the SmartWatch to become a useful help in the industrial context.

Usually, using smartphones or tablet PCs in working environments is unhandy because people need their hands to perform their work. Hence, they are not free for performing additional actions like touch events. Users of a SmartWatch could receive relevant information without using their hands. With gesture control, a call can be rejected for example. As soon as the user has free hands again, he can perform touch interactions. 

The m²c-lab develops own applications for different smartphone platforms and researches natural interaction concepts for diverse use cases for personal and commercial purposes.