The retail location Aachen - with the exception of its immediate border with Belgium and the Netherlands and the associated advantages and disadvantages - can not be characterized significantly differently than many other medium-sized cities in North Rhine Westphalia: Retailers are already feeling the emigration of a growing number of customers Online retailing, the Aquis Plaza, a shopping mall completed in 2015 on the edge of the pedestrian zone, which almost exclusively houses dependent branches of chain stores or franchisees, also draws customers from the dealers of the old town and in a decentralized position, vacancies are increasing , the number of owner-managed stores is decreasing.

Aachen as a city of science and high-tech location, with its technical colleges, its scientific and R & D facilities and finally its countless technology-oriented startups, has an impressive reservoir of technological know-how and applied creativity.

Above all, the applicants want to use this potential to successfully accompany the retail trade in digitization. In addition to modular qualification concepts, m2cLab offers a self-developed method for innovation management and other informative, interactive events.