MAC4U – Mass Customization for Individualized Product Extensions

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Our project > MAC4U focuses on integrating small and medium-sized additive manufacturing companies into the B2C value chain of customized mass products for end customers. This integration is achieved through the combination of e-commerce and store sales: When customers are looking for a mass product in the real shop, they can customize it right there with a mobile application and have the manufactured 3D printed version delivered to their home.

Based on two use case scenarios – the automotive branch and stationary retailers – standards for the product development, individualisation and sales process including offer managment are developed.

The objective of the project is the development of an adaptable demonstrator for a standardized web-based exchange and verification platform of 3D data sets. The concept also includes a mobile application in the shop that is connected to the web interface and offers the individualization options for the product to the customer. Transferred to the use case of retail industry, specifically looking at the shop of an optician, customers can use the app to individualize the arms of their glasses and have them produced via 3D-printing.

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is part of the funding initiative "Mittelstand Digital" with the focus on "E-Standards".

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