JIL – JungendIndeLab

On June 20, 2017, the future laboratory Indeland took place. The guiding theme was the opencast mining landscape of the region. In the foreseeable future, a profound restructuring of the entire landscape will take place in a lake landscape that is unique in Europe. Accompanying this are specific regional challenges in the future areas of the energy transition, mobility, digitization, infrastructure, demographic change and urbanization. The participants from research, industry, trade, politics and civil society agree that the challenges can only be tackled together.

The basic idea of ??the project is to first activate students in schools and to jointly develop visions for future scenarios. In addition, methodical tools are to be imparted, which enables SuS to design its own ideas in an implementable way. Ideally, the SuS experience the integration and implementation of their own ideas in Indeland.

To this end, m2cLab develops workshops on the topic of digitization and provides SuS with a basic knowledge of innovation, innovation management and "deisgn thinking" in order to stimulate the creative development of ideas.