KRaFT – Customer-oriented development of flexibility potential

The starting point of the project was the energy and economic policy demand for variety of actors. And especially when one thinks of the energy transition and the associated decentralization of the energy supply, one thinks of the locally rooted municipal utilities. But looking closely at this group of companies, it is striking that strategies, business models, processes, methods and tools used and IT are very static. But especially in a disruptive environment, change management must play a much stronger role at all company levels. Therefore, the project needs to develop a platform that meets these needs. Innovation is a driver for growing and sustainable business success. The energy market is moving in a highly dynamic international environment, where u.a. social, political and environmental requirements are made. In order to be able to develop innovations in this environment, interdisciplinary approaches must come into play. In the research group of m2cLab, the User Centered Innovation Process (UCIP) is adapted and optimized to the topic of energy economics. This should support the innovation processes of the project.