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The aim of the project > eBusiness-Lotse Aachen is to equip the companies in Aachen andsurrounding areas with IT-knowledge to enable them to make responsible decisions regarding the use of information & communicationtechnology (ICT).

With the help of trainings, lectures and guidelines about modern information technology, the competitiveness of local enterprises can be improved as these measures improve their way of IT-usage. Thus, the project offers SMEs help to help themselves and strenghtens the position of the target group regarding its competitors beyond the local market.

In addition to this offer of regionalservices, the competence centers focus on different main topics and offer detailed and specific information not only for local clients but interested companies all across Germany. The center eBusiness-Lotse Aachen which includes employees of the m²c-lab, provides information on the followingkey issues:

  • Mobile solutions
  • Business processes
  • E-Mobility
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