ANFAHRT – Alternative Drive Trains for Trucks and Busses


Electromobility does not only concern cars and bikes. Also commercial vehicles can use electric drive trains due to the current state of technology. This way, they can contribute to a clean and energy efficient road transport. Until now, it is not common to use commercial electric vehicles because innovative drive concepts did not offer economic efficiency.

The project > ANFAHRT aims at increasing the reliability and availability of commercial vehicles to make them more attractive for industrial use. Therefore, current technical and economic weaknesses as well as entrepreneurial cost-benefit calculations are involved.

The m²c-lab develops an intelligent e-fleet management which considers aspects of information logistics in the field of e-mobility besides the usual order and fleet management. This means for example integrating charging management and order distribution depending on the available charge into route planning. By integrating an e-fleet into the so called smart grid, batteries of the electric commercial vehicles can be used as a buffer for peaks of urban power demand. This way, enterprises providing their e-fleet can earn additional money. The concept shall provide an attractive offer for small and medium-sized enterprises and encourage them to change to e-fleets.