Media Library "Mobile Usability"

m²c-lab Flyer: Software Development & Usability [English / German]

This flyer introduces the mobile media & communication lab and its focus on the research area "Software Development & Usability".

Checklist for choosing a prototyping tool for mobile applications [German]

The choice of a prototyping tool depends on the status of development, fidelity level and the purpose of the prototype. 

The interactive checklist of the eBusiness-Lotsen Aachen supports you in choosing a suitable prototyping tool. With a few klicks, you can find out what needs to be considered when choosing a prototyping tool. 

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Brochure: Improving the Usability of mobile Software by Prototyping [German]

This brochure addresses people involved in the design and development of (mobile) software. It shows the possible potential in the field of efficient and user centered software development.

Brochure: Requirements for Designing Applications for multimodal Mobility [German]

This brochure addresses IT service providers and shows the potential in the field of mobility management. 

Automobile manufacturers increasingly collaborate with technology companies. Mobility management, E-Commerce and individualization are relevant vor the IT sector. Besides the specific development of electrical solutions and software, especially approaches regarding consistent design- and interaction concepts for connected devices are important. 

Market study: Different approaches for developing Multiplatform Applications [German]

This market study is addressing IT service providers, software developers and IT departments of companies who develop multiplatform applications. The document provides an overview of different approaches to develop mobile applications für multiplatform purposes and indicates their advantages and disadvantages.

Interactive Tool: Choosing between different Methods of mobile Software Development [German]

Whenever a mobile application needs to be developed, a software development method needs to be chosen. Should the application be a native, web or hybrid app? To make the right decision, it is important to get familiar with the different characteristics and possibilities provided by the different approaches of mobile software development.

The interactive tool "Choosing between different methods of mobile software development" provides important clues to asses the suitability of the three most common approaches: native, web and hybrid development.

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Flyer: Templates for mobile Prototypes [German]

This flyer provides a short overview on the project > KompUEterchen4KMU and contains templates for scribbling prototypes for smartphone applications.