Media Library "(E-)Mobility"

m²c-lab Flyer: E-Mobility [English / German]

This flyer introduces the mobile media & communication lab and its focus on the research area "Mobility Concepts and E-Mobility".

Brochure: Requirements for Designing Applications for multimodal Mobility [German]

This brochure addresses IT service providers and shows the potential in the field of mobility management. 

Automobile manufacturers increasingly collaborate with technology companies. Mobility management, E-Commerce and individualization are relevant vor the IT sector. Besides the specific development of electrical solutions and software, especially approaches regarding consistent design- and interaction concepts for connected devices are important. 

Brochure: Gamification concept for multimodal Mobility Planning [German]

This brochure addresses game- and system designers as well as developers. It shows the potential in the field of mobility management and draws a connection to automobile manufacturers that increasingly collaborate with technology enterprises.

Brochure: E-Mobility in a connected World [German]

This brochure addresses IT service providers. It shows possibilities regarding the field of E-Mobility. The mobility of the future is an interdisciplinary issue and not exclusively an automotive topic any more. For the IT industry, mobility management, E-Commerce as well as individualization become important.